Sunday, August 15, 2010

You want a beautiful chicken breast?

This is one of the best ways to cook a chicken breast.

Many people go to the supermarket and buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts and I ask WHY?????

If you are on a diet OK, I understand but next time you want chicken breast get a skin-on chicken breast and follow these steps.

1.  Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat with just enough cooking oil to coat the bottom and preheat your oven to about 400F
2.  Season your chicken breast with some fresh chopped herbs, salt and pepper
3.  Place your chicken breast skin-side down in the pan.
4.  Cook it for a couple of minutes until the edges of the skin start to lightly brown
5.  Put the pan with the chicken into the oven to cook and DO NOT turn the chicken breast over
6.  Cook the chicken until it is cooked.  After about 3-4 minutes, check the underside of the chicken with a pair of tongs to make sure the skin is not getting too brown or burned
7.  Once cooked, take it out of the pan and turn the breast over so the skin side is facing up

The skin side of the chicken should be about the color of fried chicken

NOTE:  If you brown the chicken too much in the pan, simply turn the breast over halfway through the cooking process


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