Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life's lesson-Wash your hands

As you grow up there are many of life's lessons you learn along the way.  Don't trust strangers, always balance your checkbook, look both ways before crossing the street and always be suspicious of a grown man hanging around a playground wearing a trench coat and so on.

Well, there is one lesson they don't teach you growing up that I had to learn the hard way.  I was cutting some jalapeño peppers one day at work years ago and it is standard operating procedure to wash your hands a number of times after cutting hot peppers because the heat remains on your hands.  Needless to say don't rub your eyes. Well, this particular day I didn't have my mind on my work so after cutting those peppers I went straight to the bathroom without washing my hands.  I won't get graphic on you because I am sure can figure out what happens when you touch certain body parts after cutting hot peppers.  Well, as I was standing there at the wall urinal I was thinking, "wow, it is getting hot down below, oh crap, I didn't wash my hands!" I kept praying to myself "please god don't make it burn, please god don't make it burn" over and over.  I guess god was busy that day because he didn't answer my prayers and I ended up with my own "hot pepper."

Fortunately it was only jalapeños.  If it would have been a much hotter pepper I probably would have had to go to the doctor.  Did you all know that some peppers are soo hot that you have to wear glove while cutting them?  In all seriousness be careful when you are cutting hot peppers and don't just wash your hands after cutting them, wash the knife and cutting board you used.

One time I had to mince five pounds of Serrano peppers, which are a bit hotter than jalapeños and the heat was still on my hands two days later. It was quite funny.  I was at a bar talking to a nice young lady and all was going well up until the point that I rubbed my eyes because I had an itch.  My eyes started burning and tearing up like you can't believe.  This lady I was talking to was like "what the hell is wrong with you?"  I told her it must have been the peppers I cut a couple days before and she couldn't stop laughing.  Here I was, all was going well, I was about to get her number and the damn chili peppers screwed it all up.

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