Friday, August 6, 2010

The law of kitchen confusion

I can think of times when I had a little extra time in the day and really tried to make a great special for dinner in my restaurant.  It is not that I wouldn't try to make something nice anyways but normally in the day's pandemonium you don't have enough time to sit down to eat so how are you going to take extra time to make something that requires that much more extra effort.

Well, as it would figure, I took extra time and made what I thought was the best special I ever made and wouldn't you know it...........not one compliment.

One day I had a couple people call sick and we were fully booked so I just threw something together last minute for a special and wouldn't you know it, I got numerous compliments on it.

The law of kitchen confustion............."you get complimented the most on the things that take the least amount of effort to prepare."

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