Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving turkey tip

Here is a great way to put a twist on the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

Get some achiote from your supermarket.  You may need to go to a Latin supermarket to find it depending on how much variety your local market has.

Achiote comes in different forms.  I have seen it in big spice bags but I normally use the one that comes in little bricks, about half the size of a pack of gum but it doesn't matter which one you use.

To help you guage how much to use, I use about two of those little 'bricks' for one turkey.

Put your achiote in a bowl.  Add a large pinch of dried thyme leaves, a teaspoon of ground cumin and start mashing this together with between the fingers of one hand while pouring a little salad or olive oil with the other hand until you have a paste consistency.  If you want a stronger flavored paste, use less oil.  There is no rule here.
Please note that you don't want a paste so thick that you can't see the turkey through it once you apply the rub because if it is too thick it may burn.  I always make the paste so it is slightly thicker than a vinaigrette. 

Rub this on the turkey then season the bird with salt and pepper.

Cook as you normally would and BINGO, it is killer!!

I will give you some more Thanksgiving tips soon

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