Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update and kitchen practical jokes

I have been working on a blog but after I started I realized I opened a can of worms so I have spent an hour per day working on it but it is not ready yet so I at least wanted to leave my many (maybe 10 is more realistic) followers with a little kitchen humor

I assume you all know what Jello is right?  While all of you think of Jello as a squishy, jiggly, colorful, sugar-laden dessert, those of us with a twisted sense of humor think of other things.

I assume you all know what a tool box looks like so I don't need to explain.  In most kitchens you need to provide your own kitchen knives an some other tools so any professional cook will acquire quite a collection of kitchen tools after some time.  Most chefs use a tool box to carry all their knives and utensils.  Well, those tool boxes also provide the base for a wonderful practical joke.
Are you putting the pieces together yet?  Jello and tool boxes......

One time a cook I worked with got me good with a practical joke so I needed to "up him" one.  As a man of integrity and sick humor I just couldn't allow anyone to get the better of me so one night I stayed a bit later than the other guys.  They were all asking me to go with them to partake in our nightly alcohol-fueled activities but I lied and said I had bit of prep to do and I would catch up in a bit.

I melted some gelatin in water but I made it like 20 times stronger than necessary.  I went in the walk in cooler (where we all kept our tool boxes) with my pot of super- strength gelatin (cement is more accurate) and proceeded to fill up that dude's tool box with tools and all in there with gelatin.

The next day when he came to work I couldn't stop smiling.  He asked "what did you do?" I didn't say anything.  For some reason he didn't get his tool box right away so he was looking everywhere but couldn't find anything wrong.  I could tell he was frustrated so I just kept grinning.  Now I was prepping in the back part of the kitchen on a table that was located about 10 feet from the walk because I wanted to see him pull his toll box out and enjoy that moment.  I told my boss what I had done and he was back there waiting as well.  That cook gave up looking so he went into the walk in to get his tool box.  He must have known something was up because his tool box was much heavier than normal with all that gelatin in there.  Then I heard this muffled scream from inside the walk in...."Curt you mother f@$&#R!"  He came out, face red, pissed off and bitching me out.  What I didn't realize is that I had made the gelatin so strong and concentrated that he had to start cutting it away.  It was like plexiglass.  That shit wouldn't just melt so easily with hot water.  Luckily for him his tool box was metal so he put the whole thing in the over for a few minutes and it made a friggin mess from hell.  And so goes on the never ending circle of practical jokes.

aaaahhhh the beauty of working in kitchens.

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