Friday, September 3, 2010

Indian wedding part six

So here we are, the day of the wedding has arrived. My boss, the Italian chef, the Indian sous chef and I all had our morning coffee in the lounge sitting by the massive windows that reveal the stunning landscape outside.  It was still funny sitting in those beautiful surroundings knowing full well there was a disaster in waiting behind the scenes.  While we were sitting there one of the guys at our table went to the breakfast buffet to get some food.  He returned with a huge plate with everything from eggs to Indian specialties.  I looked at him in disbelief and asked, "are you nuts man?"
"What do you mean?" He replied puzzled.
"Dude do you really want to eat anything that came from that nasty kitchen?" I exclaimed.
"I have to eat, what are you doing for food?" He said.
"I have been eating packaged things like cookies and crackers."
He continued to eat and I looked at him like he was nuts.
For the past two days I have been thinking about having a HUGE meal when I return to Bombay because if I see one more damn cookie or cracker I will go postal!  Most people count sheep in their sleep, but for me during those nights I was counting pizzas.

We went to the kitchen and surprisingly everything was moving along fine.  There were still the occasional obscenities being blurted out and while we humored ourselves by making fun of that shoemaker chef.  Chefs always dog other chefs, it is our nature, but this guy really deserved it.  I mean you maintain a kitchen like this, what do you expect?

We were trying to figure out how to execute plating for 500 people because the jackasses who designed the kitchen obviously didn't consider many things like. Part of being a chef is taking a kitchen or system that doesn't work and making it work which is what we were doing here.  I brainstormed with my boss and we decided to make two plating lines so each line would only have to plate 250 plates.  We decided to plate the desserts in the hallway by setting up tables along the wall.  The hallways were so narrow I was a bit worried some server would walk by and unintentionally knock a plate(s) over.  We got the food heated up and because there were not enough hot boxes we had to use the ovens to keep food hot as well.

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