Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to make a roast chicken a little bit better

Here is a neat and inexpensive way to not only add a twist to a whole roasted chicken but to add some crispiness.

Truss your chicken, rub it with oil and seasoning and then cover the entire chicken with cornmeal.  Make sure it is covered completely.
Then roast it as you normally would.

Oh, do you guys know how to truss a chicken?  This is one of those where I would need to show you.  Here is a trick though.  Put the chicken on a tray in front of you with the back of the bird facing you.  Do you see that flap of fat at the tip that hangs over the opening of the cavity?  Carefully cut a whole in it large enough to put your thumb through.  Now carefully put the end of one leg through it and then even more carefully put the end of the other leg through it.
The reason you truss a bird is to bring the legs tightly against the sides of the bird to aid in more even cooking.

If you don't want to truss a bird you can always cook it in pieces.  It is quicker too.  You can still use the cornmeal for this as well.

Happy cooking

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