Sunday, October 16, 2011

Writer's block

I have had some serious writer's block over the past week so I will just ramble a bunch of shit for you. 

Sorry but maybe it will give you something to pass the time.  There is an unwritten rule about writing when you have writer's block.  It says you should always write (no, not really) in bullet points or numbering.

1.  I love movie popcorn.  I saturate that shit with butter until each little kernel of corn needs a friggin life preserver.

2.  In Peru, when taking a taxi, you can negotiate with the driver.

3.  I would love to see the U.S. allow cheese to be made with raw milk and not have it mandated that it age a certain amount of time.  Have any of you been to Europe?  When I was in France three years ago, all I did was drink Rose wine on the rocks, eat charcuterie and cheese.  Oh yes!! I must say, we are worried about people eating raw milk cheese but we allow all sorts of chemicals in our processed food.  Did you know that the red food coloring called "Carmine" is made by crushing the bodies of particular beetles?  True, the crushed beetle bodies are then treated with ammonia.  Sounds healthy doesn't it?

4.  In Australian supermarkets they don't store eggs in the refrigerated case, they store them on the shelf with other dry food.  The first time I went shopping I was looking everywhere for eggs.  I finally found them next to the Froot Loops.  Go figure

5.  If you want to drive a chef up a wall, start seasoning your food before you taste it

6.  Another way to drive a chef up a wall is if you personally ask the chef, "what's good on the menu?"  Really?  Did you just ask me that?  Since it is the chef's menu, how does a chef answer that?

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