Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanksgiving part one

All my 31 (like Baskin Robbins' flavors) followers and any other random readers,

With Thanksgiving only a month away I will be focusing on tips and recipes for that holiday to help you cook and serve a killer meal and make for a memorable holiday

I am often asked how one can have everything ready at the same time when you have multiple dishes to serve.  Well, this topic was touched on in an ealier blog about a year ago but I want to cover it some more. 

First, you need to plan properly which is something most home cooks do not know how to do. Fair enough, you don't cook for a living so it is understood.

Whenever you plan a large meal do any of you write out a shopping list?  Take all the recipes you are going to prepare and go through them all carefully writing down what you need.

You also need to write out a prep list.  You should take a sheet of paper, divide it into columns and write a day for each column, for example, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
In each column you write down what you can prep each day.  In a professional kitchen you need to think, at least a few days (or sometimes more) ahead. You need to know what you need to do before going to work each day.  To further illustrate, if you know you are going to marinate the turkey overnight for Thanksgiving, you need to thaw it (if frozen) at least a few days ahead, have your marinating ingredients a day ahead and marinate the turkey a day ahead.

I will be posting a more detailed description of how to plan, execute and serve a big Thanksgiving meal at least a couple times a week so stay tuned

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