Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something to think about

Something I was just thinking about.  In America, we have some of the easiest and most plentiful access to healthy food..... but we have an obesity and diabetes epidemic.

With one in six people starving in the world I can't help but feel a bit guilty that many of us are gluttons.  Those starving people would most likely do anything for just a simple bowl of rice, or even a piece of fruit, just some nourishment to subdue their starvation but what do we do? Not only do many of us gorge, many of us eat the worst things imaginable.  Processed foods, (I am included), friggin' "Lunchables" those ready to eat packages of those disgusting sausages and cheese. 

Keep that in mind next time you go to a buffet and create a Mount Everest of food


  1. Saddly, most American's go for the ready made, easy to use item. It may not be that we are lazy but the food itself and over abundance or the lack of excersize, in school way back when, recess was mandatory not it is not, back then portion control was almost always inforced, not so much any more. With my new jobs, I don't have time to work out let alone see my family, my friends and I had an imagination and played outside not on the iphone. A lot has changed including how the cattle and chickens are raised. Saddly not enough is being done in my opinion to make things better.

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